Berani Homme is a line of cosmetics which perfectly answers the ever-changing needs of the contemporary man. Your daily hair and skin care routine is not only a necessity or a chore but, above all, a source of extraordinary enjoyment and almost a form of art. After years of tests and trials, Berani has created outstanding products which are effective and natural at the same time. They leave your hair lustrous, healthy and strong, and your complexion well cared for and moisturised. The result is greater self-confidence and improved mood. Berani invites you to the world of unique cosmetics whose beautiful design stirs up the imagination and awakens the senses. Berani transforms the conventional approach to skin and hair care into an immensely enjoyable ritual. Our outstanding products are dedicated to men who enjoy looking after themselves. Even several minutes devoted to skincare with the help of the best available cosmetics will make your skin look fresh and radiant.


Daily body care rituals which include cleansing and toning, improved condition of the skin and hair, as well as a great look – this is all a man like you needs. Now, you can always have our exceptional products within reach. Choose cosmetics that will give your hair and body excellent health and appearance. The combination of advanced technology and natural ingredients is a straightforward, yet exceptionally effective hair and skin care solution. The original formulas of Berani cosmetics were developed by a professional cosmetics laboratory. Before they were revealed to the world, the cosmetics were meticulously tested and analysed for a period of two years. This was to ensure their excellent effectiveness using the most natural solutions. For this reason, as much as 96% of the ingredients in Berani cosmetics are of natural origin. The core ingredients are 4 invariable elements of wood, stone, ferment and neuro component. This is our secret which brings spectacular results. When using Berani cosmetics, you will soon notice that your daily body care routine has an exceptionally positive result on your appearance.


Knowing full well that you do not give in to compromises and that you always expect the best, we have dedicated a lot of time to source the highest quality ingredients and create the most effective combinations. As a result, we can offer: hair and scalp care products – shampoo and conditioner designed especially for you, shower gels, facial care products – shaving cream, aftershave balm, energising facial skin booster and extraordinary wax perfume with an unforgettable and long-lasting fragrance. When developing Berani cosmetics, our focus was not limited to providing excellent hair and skin care. We wanted your everyday shower or bathing routine to become a luxurious ritual. Berani cosmetics will cleanse and nourish your skin and hair without any effort on your part. The unique, handy and stylish shape of the packaging was designed for extraordinary men who value their individuality. When developing the concept of Berani cosmetics, we wanted their everyday use to be a real pleasure. Triangular shapes and matte surfaces make them exceptionally comfortable and convenient to use. Subtle sizes and elegant designs make the cosmetics a wonderful addition to your bathroom, and a perfect accompaniment during your business trips or holidays.
You can now choose one complete set that will satisfy all your everyday skin and hair care requirements.